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The mission of Whole Families was to improve the quality of life for working families.  We all work hard, whether we are professionals, homeschool educators, business owners, homemakers, laborers, or students.  Raising our children the way we hope to within that context can be challenging.  Whole Families hoped to aid in meeting this challenge one service offering at a time.

Over the last 5 years in Fairfax County, Virginia, Whole Families has not succeeded, during challenging personal times.  Within those, and some of what I have gathered from global news, Whole Families has a new purpose.  As one of 7 billion people populating our globe, and seeing what we have done as a humanity with the good words, works, signs, grace, and portion of creation provided to us by God in order to teach us to live peaceably; I am praying that we will be soon found 7 billion and more strong, living and making shalom (peace with God, self, one another, and our portion of creation) as best we can with what we have done overall as One Peoples, lands, waters, nations, and skies before our living Creator. 

I hope that we will choose to be a Whole Family, stop our unnecessary projects, and ensure we All have safe water, healthy digestible foods to eat, and safe shelter; locally sustained with renewable energy, as a basic human right.  And that each community, in light of climate changes, will also maintain extra safe shelter for a visitor, traveller, or displaced person; and be ready to help a neighbor anywhere.  I hope we will stop damaging our lands, waters, and each other with unhealthy human activities; and start restoring them and our relationships for our own sustenance and peace, and for the cohabitators that rely on us and share this portion of God's creation with us.

Below, please find a document I spent about 31 days writing, after 5 years of challenging personal circumstances for myself and my children, and completed to where it is on May 1, 2016.  I hope that you might take the time to read it in full.  I have uploaded it in both Word and PDF formats. 

While it is only my 2 cents, as one of more than 7 billion, I believe my 2 cents is important for all of us to consider within our global temperament and climate.  While our attempts at global peace to date have not been successful, I believe God is offering us an undeserved season of it should we collectively agree it is better than the alternatives throughout our history, and what we are doing overall today as a humanity.  I have included some ideas for achieving what I believe God is asking us to do, should We make that choice together. 

God is probably 7 dimensions or so, to our 3 dimensions and a little more. Like the Apollo 13 mission which was made into a movie, I believe God has been reminding us as a humanity that we are not on the right track globally.  When the men on the Apollo 13 mission turned to God, they found they miraculously had everything they needed to bring the men home safely.  I believe God has provided us with all we need, and all we need to know of God's mysteries, to do the work I believe we are being asked to do.  While we are endowed by our Creator with a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of shalom; today, here, in our current circumstances, the building blocks for us to honor that right for one another is ensuring each and every one of us has access to clean water, healthy food, and safe shelter...locally sustainable with renewable energy.  We have all we need, and all we need to know, to make that a reality globally.

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I have been singing a new song to myself based on a popular one sung by Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday:

You say salaam; I say shalom
I say tomayto; you say tomato
salaam; shalom; tomayto; tomato
May we will we yet have a season of peace?

Within that, I was grateful for a friend to point out mistakes in my ponderance.  I am, like most of us, profoundly imperfect.

First, Noah was not a descendant of Cain; but of Cain's younger brother Seth.  I confused Cain's descendant Methushael, who was the father of a Lamech, and descended from Enoch; with Seth's descendant Methusaleh, who was the father of a Lamech, who was the son of Enosh.  It is interesting that both brothers had a descendant named Lamech.  I think Cain's Lamech was the 5th generation; and Seth's Lamech was the 7th generation.
I was interested to read what Cain's Lamech said to his two wives after he killed a man who had wounded him.  Where God told Cain anyone who killed him would be avenged sevenfold; Cain's Lamech told his wives that anyone who killed him would be avenged seventy-seven fold (Genesis 4:23-24).  I wonder if that was a misunderstanding by Lamech of God's grace for Cain, who may not have understood what he was doing when he killed Able (as he may not have seen human death before); or taking into account that Lamech may have acted in self-defense.

Also, while the gospel does not explicitly name him, it is generally accepted that it was Jesus' friend John, and not Peter, who was with Mary as He was dying; and who Jesus asked to take Mary as his mother, and Mary to take His friend as his son.  It is beautiful how God's living word works to bring us different reminders at different times.  For me, this was a reminder that Jesus' friends did sometimes argue over who might be his favorite friend; much like we sometimes argue over who God's favorite peoples might be.  God's Love is more abundant than those kinds of questions.

There has been enough loss of life, blood, limb, and liberty; enough suffering; and enough loss of faith, hope, and love.  I hope that We, each and every one of us, might raise the white flag of surrender to one another and to God, and come together to embrace true Peace; and get rolling on our global mission of ensuring the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of shalom; the foundation here in our current global climate, again, is providing as a basic human right clean water, healthy food, and safe shelter for one and all; sustainable locally and with renewable energy.  I believe each of us has suffered enough to recognize that we do not want even one of us to suffer.  

Peace, in Humility, Kris.

I am saddened to say that in my backyard early this morning, 6/16/16, I was arrested.  I did not handle that so well being on private property, and am grateful to have made it for a few hours of work after walking a little over 13 miles back from the detention center.

Within that, I was in shock with a misdemeanor charge; and will share it here redacted to protect the privacy of other individuals involved.  Here in Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA; we have managed to make it a misdemeanor offense to use make a "human" sound.  I am not intending disrespect with what the intent of the ordinance may have been; or to my neighbors or law enforcement here.  Just noticing that these are the kinds of things in context that reaffirm where we are at as a humanity; and that we might should reconsider our direction. 

It took place just hours after I was grateful to finally have been able to afford a couple of small raise beds to try to grow a handful of vegetables and herbs.

Peace in humility, Kris.

Today is 28th day of June, and also the 23rd day of Ramadan.  While I am only one of 7 billion or more of us, it fell on my heart this morning to forgive all for all in my heart of hearts.  I hope that each of us will recognize what we put our good God through in our unwillingness to allow remorse in our hearts that brings us to seek safer and healthier relationships with God, ourselves, one another, and the portion of Creation given us for our sustenance and joy.

My heart is grateful for that piece of peace; and hopeful that each and every one of us will stop what is in our hearts and lives that prevents peace between us.  There has been enough loss of life, liberty, limb, virginity, blood, waters, and lands.  There have been enough challenges to faith, hope, and love.  I believe since the time of Abraham, God has been trying to get through to us that His desire is for mercy and not sacrifice.  May we show Him in our mercy for one another that we understand; and replace cruelty with good.  I pray that together we will be found healing, forgiving, sheltering, feeding, rescuing to freedom, restoring, tending, and growing. 

Justice is to bring peace.  It is not retaliation, cruelty, or paying an injustice forward to another.

The 28th of June reminds me of oral remembrances written down from native American cultures.  On page 28 of a book a neighbor shared with me, a "prophet" who walked among them shared with them that the greatest commandments are to love God and to love one another.  I am grateful that highway 28 is a local one that I see most days when I am driving; a good reminder.

The 23rd of Ramadan reminds me of our liberty bell in Philadelphia, PA.  23 for me is the sound of a bell, the sound of Om.  Our liberty bell in Philadelphia either cracked, or they tried to repair the crack, on George Washington's birthday (I've read both on the internet), which was on the 23rd of February.  The inscription on that bell is Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereofI believe the time is ripe for us to do so globally.  I read this morning that the liberty bell no longer rings.  We might take that as a sign that God's will is to hear us in global shalom, and provide him a symbol of shalom while there are still too many who would hurt a person seeking peace in truth.

While prophecy teaches us of God, and remembering that God is living, it does not seem a coincidence that Revelation 3:7-13 to the angel of the church of Philadelphia, considered to be the "faithful" church, reminds of the number 23 (3+7+13), which brings me back to Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.  Can we declare for each human being the basic right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of shalom.

Can we recognize that we have learned what we can from our human economics and politics; set them reasonably aside safely, put our unnecessary projects on hold, and start rolling out local solutions globally, to guarantee as a basic human right clean water, healthy food (lot's of SCD food because it is nutritious and easy to digest), and safe shelter...locally sustainable with renewable energy...extra shelter to welcome a visitor, traveler, or displaced person...and ready to help a neighbor anywhere.  Particularly in a season of global climate change, we are ripe for recognizing that we are one lands, one peoples, and one waters; and work together as one nations...meeting our local and global neighbors while meeting a need.  It would be much better than what some of us have been doing.

Take the time to look around you today.  Look and see how our long-suffering God has provided us with all we need to know of His mysteries, all the relationships we need, and all the resources we ensure those basic human rights. 

Imagine how quickly it would change us as a humanity to simply move forward, safely and respectfully setting aside the things that prevent us from doing so, on something that really is simple compared to what we have been doing and suffering as a humanity.

May we?  Will we? 

I apologize for repeating a lot of the same things over again that I wrote in my ponderance.  I sincerely do not want us to miss another season of true and living Peace.  And my heart is breaking with some of what I am reading about and seeing even today.

Peace in; in humility for God's peoples bold for peace past and present,


Today is 7/24/16.  I am hoping that leaders in this world might be able to come together and declare as One Nations before God, each and every one of us has been endowed with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of shalom (peace with God, self, one another, and our portion of creation).  And agree to rescue people to freedom, and communicate safely with one another, and without regard for profit or competition, to roll out the foundation of our season of peace here and now:  clean water, healthy foods, and safe shelter for each and every one of us...locally sustainable with renewable energy.  We have what we need and need to know to accomplish that as a humanity, if we can remove the economic and political barriers that hold any people back from being a part of that mission.  We tend to be more peaceable when we are safe and secure.  The violence and competition between people has not brought peace.  Maybe a measure of safety and security for each and every one of us will.

Today is 7/28/16.  Pope Francis spoke on World Youth Day in Poland yesterday, and reminded us that while the world is in war, we are not in a war among religions.  While his words were different, he also reminded us that we are one peoples who should be protecting and welcoming one another.  I am often encouraged by his reminders.  A friend also reminded me of Matthew 9:9-13 yesterday.  Jesus is for mercy and not sacrifice; and for healing (not hurting) the sick.

Within that, I hope we can recognize that we are in a war against evil, which is sometimes not easy to identify.  I see it as the force that sees something good between others, steps in, separates the good, injures the good, mocks the good for it's suffering, and then has the nerve to call good evil as it suffers, and call itself good for its own actions it calls just.  Evil does not try to be a part of good.  Evil also will see someone vulnerable, and try to take good within that person away; and will willfully pay an injustice (real or perceived) forward to a vulnerable or good person.

I am reminding myself this morning in my own suffering and imperfection, to love God, self, one another, and our portion of creation.  Do no harm.  Do not let evil convince me that is good, or for anybody's good.  Make sure when I see good I notice and appreciate it.

While too many are accepting evil, and either turning a blind eye or acting along with it; I hope that more of the right people in the right places will recognize that it would be good to work towards removing all boundaries to rolling out clean water, healthy food, and safe shelter as a basic human right, locally sustainable with renewable energy...globally.  We cannot afford to compete over money and resources in our global climate state, both physical and social.  And we cannot afford violence against one another that only has too great a potential to breed more violence and cruelty and fear of one another; while our more important priority is becoming self-sustaining locally and globally.  I am confident that if each organization (religious, corporate, small business, non-profit, family, government, etc.) makes this a first priority, and a collaborative and not a competitive effort, we will see the relief of much stress and anxiety locally and globally, particularly as we work towards it together meeting one another's needs in self-sustaining ways.  Most of us have heard that you can give a man a fish, or teach a man to fish.  We should be sustaining our waters and their inhabitants locally and globally. 

I understand, too, much of what has been said about suffering breeding perseverance and discipline, and happening for a reason; but it is only a cruelty to force or permit another to suffer when we have the ability to alleviate that suffering, and could instead focus together on our collective basic human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of shalom. 

September 22, 2016

Your life matters. 

Se importa su vida.


I wanted to share that in my ponderance paper, I recommend specifically SCD foods (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), as they are easy-to-digest and nutritious, and I have personally experienced and witnessed healing through adherence to the SCD diet.  After (8) years on the diet (with an untimely period of non-SCD foods at one point in 2011), for several months I have been trying out non-SCD foods.  This was not something I had planned to do, but did for reasons that I felt were important; and I have learned two things in the process.  First, the diet is healing.  I am able to tolerate even foods that I had difficulty with prior to SCD.  Sometimes there are no noticeable repercussions, and sometimes I have minor symptoms, with the more complex foods.  I share this as an encouragement to anyone who fears that a diet appearing so restrictive might be something that must be permanently adhered to.  It actually opens the door to healing over time so that in the long run some people are able to digest more complex foods again.  Second, I have learned that I still feel better overall adhering to SCD foods 100%.  I have more energy, I sleep more consistently and soundly, and I have less frequent issues like headaches, squeaky pipes, or congestion. 

Peace, in humility


Sigh.  Which came first...The hurt or the hurter?  Which comes first...The helped or the helping?  The healing or the healed?

Global season of peace 2017?  Clean water, healthy food, safe shelter for each and every one of us globally, locally sustainable with renewable energy?  Extra shelter to welcome a visitor, traveler, or displaced person?  Ready to help a neighbor near or far?  Cleaning up our global spills along the way?  Not competing over limited resources and solutions to real challenges, but sharing resources and getting the right solutions to the right communities at the right time?




Peace in, between, and unto.  For what it is worth, I am sharing my most recent attempt through the court system to try to have an opportunity to recover as a family with my children from some non-peaceful circumstances in the last several years.  I hope there might be something useful in this legal overview of my more personal situation within the more global situation, that might be useful in some way to someone else struggling, or someone else in a position to recognize a wrong they could participate in making right.  I have lined through personal information related to other people involved in my case.  In humility and hope for shared restoration and shared healing. 


So, the Supreme Court of Virginia, if I remember correctly; dismissed my appeal to them with a single sentence. 

I am before the local courts in Fairfax, Virginia, again; and was recently given permission to file a motion in a criminal case brought against me.  Law enforcement, who has been unwilling to protect me and my children; has now awoken me and arrested me at my bedside under the claim that I made a false report.


Within all of that; I know we are more in peace one nations than we have been.  We want to see and be our Loving Creator's joyful fulfillment of Jesus' obedient faith for One Healed Nations.

I hope something in my recent petition to the local courts helps us within our Faith. 

While I am not alone being separated from my own children; there is also a federal law brought forward in Myers v. Loudoun County Public Schools that references American federal laws.  In essence, the premise is that if you are in American territories, you are afforded the same basic rights as a citizen.  I am hoping that the United Nations laws might be similar to the one in Myers v. Loudoun County Public Schools, because that might help us as one nations become more serious about restoring and caring for one another, and more able to do so. 

Within that, it is important to understand that cruelty does not have boundaries.  As an American born citizen I have also lost basic rights.  I believe that is why it is important that good faith and will also not be restricted to boundaries unnecessarily.

I do believe we are more than we have been one nations in peace with one another; and God has been longsuffering for cruel to turn to good, and long weeping for the hurt that cruel does.  Jesus has been also longsuffering and weeping longer than any of us.

While many of us continue to be at risk to one extreme or another; I believe the time is now for cruelty to recognize and restrain itself, and be part of the good that we are acting in Good Faith for.  When cruelty stops getting in the way, and comes along; we can all more easily get about the business of tending and caring for one another.

We In Faith already are in God's Peace...and hope through Just Grace and Graceful Justice we might welcome others to join us.

There are some Virginia laws and some legal precedents in my petition for a restoration of my relationship with my own children that may be useful to other families trying to do the same.


7/6/18 motion above for protective order submitted to circuit court
7/13/18 motion above to dismiss submitted to circuit court after hearing for 7/6/18 motion
7/16/18 order entered denying a protective order following 7/13/18 Hearing
8/14/18 order above entered nolle prosequi criminal charge from 1/14/18 arrest
8/24/18 petition to circuit court above asking the court to reconsider not letting me ask for a protective order in the nolle prosequi criminal case.
8/31/18 order above, which denied a reconsideration of the circuit court decision not to let me ask for a protective order in the criminal case.
8/31/18 order above from the Court of Appeals denying a request to review the related civil and criminal cases
9/14/18 motion above submitted to Court of Appeals asking for a three judge review that the court might accept a petition for review of the related civil and criminal cases.
9/28/18 letter above from the Court of Appeals with three judges denying acceptance of a petition for review of the related civil and criminal cases.

I apologize.  I am weary. 

The petitions and orders above are just a glimpse into the last seven years I have spent trying to work through our legal system for a safe outcome for me and my children in preventing domestic and family violence against us.

I did not know, in May of 2011, that it would be this difficult to legally separate myself and my children from violence in our own home; or for the courts to address real harmful circumstances that have been chronic since then.  We have some good laws in Virginia that encourage that, but the judicial is not upholding them in accordance with their good intentions to provide for safer and healthier families and communities.  

By orders of the local court, I have only been able to spend about 40 hours in person with my own children since 11/3/11; not been able to spend any time in person with them since 12/12/13; not been able to communicate with them since 9/29/14; and not been allowed to have information about them since 6/16/16.  I have also found very little help in this community to take any real action to prevent chronic violence, abuse, and neglect; and help me and my children restore some  of our losses and recover from what we have suffered through unnecessarily.  We recently missed being able to celebrate their birthdays this year.  They have both grown from children to teenagers during this time.

I miss and love them.


May we see, through God's justice and grace, our God's joyful fulfillment of Jesus' obedient faith for one healed nations...simply loving our God, ourselves, and one another?

10/17/18 Amended petition to Supreme Court of Virginia asking for a review of the related civil and criminal cases above.  Sigh.
The picture above is a summer-fall picture from 2018 of a beautiful vegetable garden, and includes a mowed pumpkin vine that survived and flowered.  It is amazing God's living creation.

5/19/2019  The last petition for review to the Supreme Court of Virginia in 2018 was dismissed in a single sentence.  A 2/21/19 Order was entered in the circuit court denying my request to restore my relationships with my children with support for that restoration.  The Court of Appeals of Virginia denied my request for an injunction in the related civil and criminal cases.  I am now waiting to hear back from the Supreme Court of Virginia on my request for the court to review both the circuit court and Court of Appeals denials, and to provide an order of protection that restores my relationships with my children and provides some restitution from, and restraints on, some defendants in order to prevent chronic domestic, family, and community violence.  Our Constitutional rights are to the best of our shared abilities, and chronic violence undermines those shared rights.

Mother's Day hit me like a ton of bricks this year.  It was the eighth year in a row I was unable to spend it with my children.  I would like to see more shared good come out of what we have been through during these years, and have a chance to raise my young teenagers.

The local Fairfax County Times thought the following article was worth posting to their on-line paper back on March 30, 2020:

I have shared this with my local, state, and federal representatives.
In good faith and civic duty, I submitted another 50 pages to my local and state representatives.  I hope it is worth something to someone.  I believe we could make some changes that could significantly improve our shared quality of life moving forward, while COVID-19 is reminding us that our lives here are temporary and fragile.  I believe continuing to try to solve our real problems locally, nationally, and globally in the same ways we have tried to in the past, we will only continue to face real problems that we are actually capable of alleviating.  Take care...