Creating partnerships to reach diverse families with children with resources to improve family life.  Resources will include educational services for children in various schooling environments including school at home, everyday services provided with easier access for familes, and expanded services typically limited to distinct groups of families.



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About Whole Families

I started the idea of Whole Families in 2005 when my first child was still a toddler.  At that time, we were a young working family, and I hoped to create support for families like ours.  Since then, I have experienced the challenges of being a working mother, a stay-at-home mother, and a mother of children in public, private and homeschool environments.

I now have two children, and hoped to show them through Whole Families that our family experiences, both the successes and challenges, can become a benefit for other diverse families.

In Spring of 2011, when my daughter was 4 years old, I decided to revisit Whole Families in the hopes of finding ways to provide good services to families in our community, allow us to be more connected with our neighbors, and provide our family with some additional modest income.

Shortly afterwards, I recognized that for my children's sake, and my own, we needed to set up a separate household from their father.  Living separately from him for several weeks proved to be a significant benefit for my children's health, well-being, growth and development.

Unfortunately, after initially agreeing that it was the right change for our family; he instead decided to retaliate against me.  His retaliation was very successful.  On 11/3/11, he was awarded sole custody of my children.  Unfortunately, the other adults in my local community who are responsible for my children's health and safety, have been unwilling to acknowledge declines and injuries to their health and development in that custodial situation, and help me reverse it in my family's interest.  I have not been able to spend time with my children since 12/12/2013; or speak to them since 9/29/2014. 

While the other adults responsible for my children's health and safety have not acted protectively for my children, the court has decided that their real injuries constitute a mental health issue on my part.  Even while I have not even been able to communicate with my own children since 9/29/2014, I continue to be blamed for their challenges and declines.

While I understand there are many people in our world in similar and much worse situations, I hope that you will take the time to read my Easter Ponderance uploaded to the home page.  I hope that each of us individually and as local, state, national, and international communities will quickly agree to accept our mission of global peace, God with us in creating a season of it.