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On Setting Values for Your Homeschool


Whole Families was founded on some of my personal values, some of which were foundational to a homeschool that I set up for my children.  Values in your homeschool are inevitable, and I encourage you to write down your homeschool values.  Sometimes without that positive attention, they can get lost in the day-to-day.  When you know what those good values are, and make a conscious effort to find opportunities to incorporate them in your homeschool, your children gain more than an academic education.


Community begins with family

Love leads to healthy growth at any age

We can only take responsiblity for what is truly ours

Taking responsibility for what is ours feels good

Helping others and sharing feels good

If you spill it, clean it up.  If you need help, ask nicely for it

Overcoming personal challenges also encourages those around us

Playing together builds our bonds

Sharing what we like and know that is good helps others

Learning happens through both failure and success

We all need support, validation, and encouragement for what is good about us

A sincere pat on the back can provide motivation for positive change for a month

A gentle and kind reminder of what is good and right is a gift

True listeners change when they hear truth that is good and right

Good people respond when asked nicely for good things

If it's good, it deserves the extra effort

Positive energy is contagious

Anyone can change for the better, as well as for the worse


Here are some of the healthy values and ideas for them that my children came up with towards the end of our homeschool.  My daughter gave us a 100% on this list:


Making funny jokes

Making new friends

Playing at a playground

Having fun with friends

Play games

Give gifts



Helping others feel safe

Taking care of pets

Playing along with friends

Teaching friends new things

Helping people clean up

Showing people your house

Watering plants

Put clothes in dryer


Cleaning up your house

Love friends


Peace and Blessings to You and Yours